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  卧龙氟泵 技术领先 科技创造安全与高效  
    WoLong synopsis           
    AnHui WoLong Pump & Valve limited liability company( the original wan  nan fluorine plastics pump valve factory) to establish in 1985, be located in Maolin, Jing County,Anhui Province---the Famous Town in the south of Changjiang River with a long history,Scene of Wannan Incident. The beginning of the founded introduce into " The fluorine plastics alloy" patent material of Shanghai Organic Chemical Research Institute--Patent Material of Chinese Technologys Academy.
Adopted that material to profession manufacturing the chemical industry pumps, valves and pipelines to bear the decay, is the enterprise of the earliest in the domestic adopts that material manufacturing the series products of such as pumps valves and pipelines...etc to bear the decay . The company gather the technology research, exploitation  production and served in integral whole, adopt the advanced production craft, practise the strict quality control, own the abundant technique power, and the perfect after-sales service, was appraised " the star business enterprise" of Anhui province .Through 20 years of development, have become the biggest fluorine plastics  pump valve  production base, of domestic……
    Company address           
    The produces headquarters of our company in the mountain area of wannan with beautiful scenery , Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou( Qiandao lake) Hefei, Anqin, Tonglin , Jiuhua Mountain, Yellow Mountain, all can arrive conveniently, if you go on errands or investigate the equipments to Jiang Zhe Hu Wan regions, welcome you to our company to visit, investigation , guide with all sincerity!The company contain the specially assigned reception(the contact telephone: +86-516-82279768).

    The exquisite article recommend           
Name The magnetic force pumps of fluorine plastics metal alloy


Name Line fluorine magnetic force pumps


Name Line fluorine centrifugal pumps
Model IHF


Name Centrifugal pumps of fluorine plastics metal alloy


Name Self inhale pumps of fluorine plastics metal alloy


Name Mortar pumps to bear the decay and abrade
Model UHB-ZK




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